Joy Lutheran Church COVID Protocol

When we resume in-person worship in the building, it will be very different. To ensure your safety, here is
what you might expect, at least for a while.


We will:
 require everyone to wear a mask while indoors
 reserve your place at high-demand services 
 check in upon arrival, for the purpose of contact tracing
 prop doors open so people do not have to touch handles, when possible
 provide hand sanitizer stations
 limit handouts of any kind (e.g., worship guide, notes pages, hymnals, Bibles, etc.)
 limit the number of people in the sanctuary, following public health guidelines
 allow members of your household to sit together, but only use every other pew and will seat non-related
people on the same pew at least three feet apart
 not celebrate Holy Communion for a while or find a different way to celebrate it
 not pass offering plates, encouraging online giving, mailing your gifts, or dropping them in a box as you
enter the sanctuary
 not have passing of the peace, and discourage shaking hands and hugging
 not have responsive readings and prayers
 not have choir
 not sing hymns (though there may be soloists)
 not have fellowship time before or after worship services (or hold it outdoors, weather permitting)
 encourage you to limit the number of persons in restrooms
 sanitizing and cleaning procedures in place for after/between worship services