Over the last couple of years, we, the church, have learned some things

about families, specifically parents with young children.


We’ve learned:

  1. They feel busier, and more separated, than ever these days.

  2. The idea of getting a family organized and to the church building for

  3. Sunday School early, then hoping everyone will ‘make it through worship’,
    is daunting. 

  4. They want to worship together, and often feel pulled to ‘choose’ Sunday
    School or worship.

  5. They want to teach the faith to their children, but feel unprepared, or unequipped, to do so.


We hear you. We are listening.

Parents, with the help of baptismal sponsors, are the primary teachers of faith for children. At baptism parents promise:

  • to live among God's faithful people,

  • bring their children to the word of God and the holy supper,

  • teach them the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments,

  • place in their hands the holy scriptures,

  • and nurture them in faith and prayer,

  • so that their children will grow in the Christian faith and life.

The church promises to pray for, and support, these children and parents in their life. Our hope is that FAITH5 Family will be one way we can support families in the life-long journey of faith. It is a way for families to bring church to home and home to church.

Each Sunday families will gather in the sanctuary at 9:20AM for music and fun, we will read bible story of the day, learn, make a craft or have a snack, pray, bless one another…. and get ready for worship. Families will go home with a FAITH5 Family sheet with activities, scripture, prayers, blessings to use at home throughout the week.

Faith 5 Family (F5F) is meant for children of all ages and families of all design.

FAITH5 Family

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